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"My world is schools. When I started asking, ‘Where is my skill set best going to fit and offer the most to the community? The obvious answer was by serving on the school board."

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Matriots: Class of 2023 Endorsed Candidate

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Michelle L. Bissell is prepared to continue serving on the Strongsville Board of Education. She has spent most of her life as a student, several years as a teacher, raising four sons in the district, and having the last four years of experience as a school board member. When reelected, Michelle wants to continue emphasizing improving communications across the community. During her time on the Board of Education, Michelle has introduced initiatives to bring extracurricular activities back to the elementary buildings, hired a full-time gifted/testing coordinator, retired outdated/ineffective books/materials such as Simple Solutions at the middle school, and established a system of increased accountability for teachers and staff. Michelle knows that work still needs to be done to ensure that Strongsville Schools give students what they need to succeed and ensure all children are represented.   

When she is not serving the school board, Michelle runs a non-profit organization, Buckets of Hope for Tender Hearts, with her husband. Buckets of Hope for Tender Hearts supports parents who may have lost a child. She is also an appointed Polaris Career Center Board of Education member.  

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In the News

Stay up-to-date with Michelle campaign for Strongsville City School Board. You will find a variety of links to articles, endorsements, videos and quotes from Michelle as she demonstrates why her leadership is greatly needed on the School Board.

Five candidates run for three seats on Strongsville school board Nov. 5, 2019 

Article from | published September 10, 2019

Candidate: Michelle Bissell

Age: 35

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom; previously taught as adjunct lecturer in the English Department of the University of Akron

Prior elected office or campaign: None

Education: Bachelor’s degree in English, Baldwin Wallace University; master’s degree in creative writing, University of Akron

Family: Husband, Curt; sons Caleb, 9, Malachi, 7, Gideon, 5, Jericho, 3, and Jude, deceased

Why are you running? For me, this question is two-fold: Why run and why now? I have contemplated running for the Board of Education for two years and wanted to choose the right time to run. After closely watching the 2017 Strongsville council-at-large race, where two incumbents were unseated, it became apparent that our community is ready for change in leadership.

When the 7.9-mill operating levy was handily defeated in November 2018, I decided I have something unique to offer the district and community. Many residents shared they simply didn’t know the levy was going to be on the ballot, that the communication between the district and the community is insufficient. Since then, the district has made a concerted effort to improve its communication.

I bring experience and passion for communication that will help the district intensify focus on its community engagement objective. At my core, I am a writer and a communicator. I love to listen to people, hear their stories and engage in conversation. I have experience teaching composition at the University of Akron, founding and directing a small non-profit organization and leading the Strongsville Cooperative Preschool.

Additionally, I value diversity and believe the best governing bodies have qualified, diverse leadership. I am a woman and mother, live on the north side of town, am the youngest of all candidates and board members and will have children in the district for the next 15 years. I can bring a new, unique and crucial voice to the board next year.

Strongsville candidates address the community

City council and school board on the ballot in November

By ANN MORRISON | The Post staff writer 

An excerpt from the Strongsville Post article dated September 21, 2019: 

Bissell is a stay-at-home parent. She and her husband founded Buckets of Hope for Tender Hearts, a nonprofit organization that gives support to people who have lost a child. She previously taught at the University of Akron as an adjunct lecturer in the English department.

“My world is schools,” Bissell said. “When I started asking the question, ‘Where is my skill set best going to fit and offer the most to the community?’ the obvious answer (was by serving on the school board).”

2019 Candidate's Night

September 9, 2019 | Presented by the Strongsville Women's League & League of Women Voters

Watch and hear Michelle speak to what makes her the best candidate for the School Board.

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